Abandoned places

It’s passion: I am fascinated by places and ruins which are now frozen in time

Photographer: Frank Molter


From time to time i am happy to join my friends of JONAH during their tour

Are you cash enough?

Festival Promo-Tour as a memorial to the good old Johnny Cash times

Photographer: Frank Molter


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” ― Lao Tzu

Hussein Ismail - Boxtrainer

Very welcome

A short insight into the portrait serie i realized for the project „Integration durch Sport“

Photographer: Frank Molter

Ocean love

Growing up at the sea I can’t escape this power and fascination with all of its wideranging facets

Melbourne, Australien. Foto: Frank Molter

Wet Melbourne

A rainy night in one of the worlds most liveable cities

Elena - Jägerin

Documentary: Hunting

Elena: „I’m not going into the forest, shoot something dead, and then I’m going home“