Logbook of pandemic moments

On March 15th, 2020 at 12:46 pm I press the shutter release on my camera to take the first “pandemic photo” of my life. COVID-19 has spread to Europe and entered Germany, our lives in tiny Schleswig-Holstein would be turned upside down.

At the time I had no idea this would be the first picture of many hundreds and the beginning of my personal journey through time. My view of the new everyday life in a state of emergency, frozen as a logbook of pandemic moments in the north of the Republic.

From now on, conditions are escalating at a speed that frightens many people. Schools and sports facilities are closed. The state of Schleswig-Holstein is closed to tourists. People in aged care and nursing homes are no longer accepting visits from relatives.

Despite the noticeable insecurity and restrictions, life goes on as always in small steps. However, I ask myself: What is this pandemic doing to us? How does “social distancing” and not being allowed to leave your home alter our social experiences? What will happen to art, culture and sport when events are cancelled or shifted online? How does our everyday life change?

My travels weave all over Schleswig-Holstein. Sometimes I go to places where I know that there are suitable subjects and moments arive candidly.
COVID-19 has affected all areas of our lives engendering a series of trials and tribulations for many professions, including photographers.

Fewer jobs equates to a decreased income but also creates space for my project. I wanted to show for the first time in November 2020, my experiences and engagement during the state of emergency within the framework of a small collective exhibition.

My project is a work in progress and constantly adapting to unforseen changes. Together with billions of people around the world we hope that life will get back on track. We are waiting for an end to the “new” normality. But what does that mean, and will the old one ever return? Who knows.